AO Foundation Webinar—Diversity Initiatives in the Workplace
Dübendorf, Switzerland
19 May 2020
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We are pleased to offer the following webinar to our AO community.

Amy Kapatkin (Moderator), Samantha Morello (Moderator), Matthew Allen (Moderator), Tatjana Topalovic (Host), Molly Carnes (Presenter) and Gabriela Rojas (Presenter) will present:

Diversity initiatives in the workplace: evidence-based approaches and outcomes

Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 03:00PM–04:00PM (CEST)

Please check your time for the webinar here.

In this webinar you will learn about diversity initiatives. We will discuss evidence-based approaches and outcomes. Share your experiences with us and interact with the online moderators in the live chat.

We look forward to your participation in this event.

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Learning objectives
Illustrate how the mere existence of group stereotypes leads to automatic cognitive biases that thwart efforts to diversify the scientific and medical workforce.
Describe some strategies that when practiced at an individual level have shown long term pro-diversity institutional outcomes
Demonstrate how to set up volunteer networks to promote diversity, inclusion and mentorship/sponsorship in an organization.
Reflect on how inclusive practices can become a core component of innovation and enhance AO's mission
Tatjana Topalovic  (Host)
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Type AOTrauma
Level Principles
Region Europe and Southern Africa
Language(s) English
Scope Regional
Academic status Non peer reviewed
Format Webinar
Content Discussion groups, Lectures
Target audience Business management, Clinical investigations, CMF, Commercial, Education/teaching, General surgery, Geriatrics, Large animal surgery, Neurosurgery, ORP/theatre nurse, Orthopaedic surgery, Other, Paediatric surgery, Plastic surgery, Radiology, Research, Residency, Small animal surgery, Spine surgery, Trauma surgery
Closing date18 May 2020
Available places433
Cancellation policyNo cancellation fee
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Benefits from creating a diverse and inclusive environment in an organization include improved productivity, enhanced communication and organizational performance. This webinar will demonstrate pathways to implement successful programs from an academia and industry perspective that can benefit the AO.



- Amy Kapatkin (AO VET)

- Samantha Morello (AO VET)

- Matthew Allen (AO VET)

- Tatjana Topalovic (AO EI)

- Molly Carnes (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

- Gabriela Rojas (DePuy Synthes)

Ms Liane Richter
AO Foundation
AO Education Institute
Stettbachstrasse 6
8600 Dübendorf
Ms Tatjana Topalovic
AO Foundation
Stettbachstrasse 6
8600 Zurich