AOPEER Study Management and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
29 Mar 2019 - 30 Mar 2019
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This 2-day course is organized in eight modules and includes lectures, interactive workshops as well as panel and group discussions, preceded by online preparation activities.

The course explains the importance of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and the ISO 14155 standard for the conduct of clinical studies as well as presenting the basic ethical principles according to the Declaration of Helsinki.

The focus will be on the requirements specific to the conduct of clinical studies in orthopedic surgery and traumatology. Participants will be introduced to useful project management tools to be applied in clinical studies

Learning objectives
Recognize the importance of conducting research involving human participants.
Explain the importance of protecting human participants in the design, conduct and follow- up of research projects involving human beings.
Describe the principles of human research participant protection.
Identify and describe the basic documents of reference in research ethics.
Explain how conflicts of interest, fraud, and science misconduct can impact design, conduct, and follow.
Apply the basic rules of research ethics to assess risks.
Describe the responsibilities of investigators in the protection of human participants and how they have the capacity to face them.
Apply the most relevant project management tools in a clinical study.
Asdrubal Falavigna  (Chairperson)
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Type AOTrauma / AO partner event
Level Principles
Region Latin America
Language(s) English
Scope International
Academic status Peer reviewed
Format Course
Content Discussion groups, Lectures
Target audience Clinical investigations, Research
Closing date29 Mar 2019
Available places16
Cancellation policy50% until 30 days before the event. No refund thereafter
United States Dollars 80.00 USD
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