Self Directed Learning—Elbow Injuries
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
14 Oct 2019
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Event program
Learning objectives
Define how to approach surgically the elbow joint, distal humerus and proximal forearm
Define the management complex fractures around the elbow
Management of associated ligamentous injuries
Define the management of late complication of elbow fractures
Issam Dahabra  (Chairperson)
Abdel-Hakim Massoud medical doctorate  (Chairperson)
Ashraf Moharram  (Chairperson)
Syed Kamran Ahmed FCPS(Orth.), FICS (USA), Fellowship (Hand), Fellowship (Ilizarov), Fellowship (Shoulder)  (Co-chairperson)
Akram Al Shoubaki  (Co-chairperson)
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Type AOTrauma / AO partner event
Level Advanced
Region Middle East and Northern Africa
Language(s) English
Scope Regional
Academic status Non peer reviewed
Closing date14 Oct 2019
Statusnot open yet
Ms Elena Gutierrez (Faculty Contact)
AO Foundation
AOTrauma Project Manager Education Middle East
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos
Phone+41 81 414 27 00 ext. 700
Fax+41 81 414 22 83
Ms Stephanie Pavlovic (Participants Contact)
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