Self Directed Learning—Research Publication Writing
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
14 Oct 2019
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The goal of the AOPEER Publication Writing course is to explain the different types of manuscripts including their structure and present the reporting guidelines. The course includes a writing workshop to help participants overcome any writing barriers. Furthermore, the course gives an insight into the ethical guidelines, authorship and how to deal with rejections.

This course is targeted toward individuals who are publishing a paper or studying for a PhD or need to mentor/supervise students, PhD candidates, or residents in their publication efforts.

This 1-day course is organized in four modules and includes interactive discussions and workshops, preceded by online preparation activities. The course covers the different types of manuscripts the structure of manuscripts, the actual writing of a manuscript, ethical considerations, authorship, and the review process of scientific articles.


Event program
Learning objectives
Differentiate between case reports, scientific manuscripts, and systematic reviews
Write a manuscript by applying the relevant reporting guidelines and following the correct manuscript structure
Apply the most important ethical guidelines in publishing
Deal with authorship
Deal with a manuscript rejection
Ahmed Kholeif  (Chairperson)
Khalid Khoshhal  (Chairperson)
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Type AOTrauma / AO partner event
Level Advanced
Region Middle East and Northern Africa
Language(s) English
Scope Regional
Academic status Non peer reviewed
Closing date14 Oct 2019
Ms Elena Gutierrez (Faculty Contact)
AO Foundation
AOTrauma Project Manager Education Middle East
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos
Phone+41 81 414 27 00 ext. 700
Fax+41 81 414 22 83
Ms Ranae McCrae (Faculty contact)
Ms Stephanie Pavlovic (Participants Contact)
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