AOTrauma International Board (AOTIB)
The AOTrauma International Board (AOTIB) is the governing body of AOTrauma. AOTIB consists of two groups: Executive members responsible for the AOTrauma Commissions and Regional Chairs responsible for the AOTrauma Regional Boards. The Chair of AOTIB also sits on the AO Foundation's Board of Directors.
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AOTIB Chairperson Michael Baumgaertner   
AOTAP Chairperson Chang-Wug Oh AOTESA Chairperson Jonathan Monk
AOTLA Chairperson Rodrigo Pesantez-Hoyos AOTMENA Chairperson Khalid Khoshhal
AOTNA Chairperson Roger Wilber AOTEC Chairperson Wa’el Taha
AOTRC Chairperson Pol Rommens AOTCDC Chairperson Samir Mehta
Executive director Tobias Hüttl Past Chairperson Kodi Kojima
AOTrauma Asia Pacific Board (AOTAP)
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AOTAP Chairperson Chang-Wug Oh   
Research Mandeep Dhillon Chairperson Elect Takeshi Sawaguchi
Community Development Marinis Pirpiris Education Vajara Phiphobmongkol
Regional director Isabella Wong   
AOTrauma Europe and Southern Africa Board (AOTESA)
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AOTESA Chairperson Jonathan Monk   
Community Development Steven Velkes Education Reto Babst
Research Panagiotis Giannoudis Regional director Christoph Volz
AOTrauma Middle East and Northern Africa Board (AOTMENA)
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AOTMENA Chairperson Khalid Khoshhal   
Education Saeed Al-Thani Community Development ElZaher Hassan
Research Ahmed Kholeif Regional director Philipp Büscher
AOTrauma Latin America Board (AOTLA)
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AOTLA Chairperson Rodrigo Pesantez-Hoyos   
Education Carlos Olarte Salazar Community Development Emilio Fantin
Research Vincenzo Giordano   
AOTrauma North America Board (AOTNA)
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AOTNA Chairperson Roger Wilber   
Community Development Rahul Vaidya Education Brett Crist
Fellowships James Krieg Research Gregory Della Rocca
Executive director Steve Schwartz   
AOTrauma Education Commission (AOTEC)
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AOTEC Chairperson Wa’el Taha   
Commission member Saeed Al-Thani Commission member Reto Babst
Commission member Brett Crist Commission member Carlos Olarte Salazar
Commission member Vajara Phiphobmongkol Business manager Michael Redies
Chairperson Elect Mark Reilly   
AOTrauma Community Development Commission (AOTCDC)
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AOTCDC Chairperson Samir Mehta   
Commission member Emilio Fantin Commission member ElZaher Hassan
Commission member Marinis Pirpiris Commission member Rahul Vaidya
Commission member Steven Velkes Community Development Commission Manager Christoph Volz
AOTrauma Research Commission (AOTRC)
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AOTRC Chairperson Pol Rommens   
Commission member Gregory Della Rocca Commission member Mandeep Dhillon
Commission member Panagiotis Giannoudis Commission member Vincenzo Giordano
Commission member Ahmed Kholeif Business manager Philipp Büscher
AOTrauma Asia Pacific Council Chairpersons Committee
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Chairperson Surapong Anuraklekha   
Chairperson Gordon Beadel Chairperson Frederic Diyco
Chairperson Ismail Hadisoebroto Dilogo Chairperson Fareed Kagda
Chairperson Tak Wing Lau Chairperson Pei-Yuan Lee
Chairperson Khairul MOHAMMAD Chairperson Ki-Chul Park
Chairperson Martin Richardson Chairperson Toru Sato
Chairperson George Thomas Chairperson Xin-Bao Wu
AOTrauma Asia Pacific Community Development Committee
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Chairperson Marinis Pirpiris   
Committee member Nathapon Chantaraseno Committee member Chiang-Sang Chen
Committee member Tim Gregg Committee member Sandeep Kapoor
Committee member Seung-Jae Lim Committee member Cong Feng Luo
Committee member Lia Marliana Committee member Achdiat Mustapa
Committee member Tomoyuki Noda Committee member Andrew Oppy
Committee member Jose Antonio San Juan Committee member Tak Man Wong
Committee member Ren Yong   
AOTrauma Asia Pacific Education Committee
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Chairperson Vajara Phiphobmongkol   
Committee member Sushrut Babhulkar Committee member Chih-Hui Chen
Committee member Cameron Cooke Committee member Apipop Kritsaneephaiboon
Committee member Ernest Kwek Committee member Jean Pierre Leung
Committee member Stephen McChesney Committee member IHSAN OESMAN
Committee member Hyoung-Keun Oh Committee member Yoshihiko Tsuchida
Committee member Jie Wei Committee member Kam Yiu Wong
Committee member Ahmad Yaacob   
AOTrauma Asia Pacific Research Committee
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Chairperson Mandeep Dhillon   
Committee member Sameer Aggarwal Committee member Maria Adelwisa Belen
Committee member Yeokpin Chua Committee member Christian Fang
Committee member LIQIANG GU Committee member Ian Harris
Committee member Baoguo Jiang Committee member Ji-Wan Kim
Committee member Jacob Munro Committee member Diarmuid Murphy
Committee member Paphon Sa-ngasoongsong Committee member Etsuo Shoda
Committee member Heri Suroto Committee member Yih-Wen Tarng
AOTrauma Europe and Southern Africa Community Development Committee
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Chairperson Steven Velkes   
AOTrauma Europe and Southern Africa Education Committee
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Chairperson Reto Babst   
Committee member Nir Cohen Committee member Christian Heiss
Committee member Josep Maria Muñoz Vives Committee member Franz Seibert
Committee member An Sermon   
AOTrauma Europe and Southern Africa Research Committee
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Chairperson Panagiotis Giannoudis   
AOTrauma Middle East and Northern Africa Community Development Committee
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Chairperson ElZaher Hassan   
Committee member Hayder ABDUL HADI Committee member Issam Dahabra
Committee member Roshanak Moradi Committee member MUHAMMAD USMAN SARWAR
AOTrauma Middle East and Northern Africa Education Committee
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Chairperson Saeed Al-Thani   
Committee member ALI ALYAMI Committee member Yazan Hattar
Committee member Zaki Idrees Committee member Ashraf Moharram
AOTrauma Middle East and Northern Africa Research Committee
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Chairperson Ahmed Kholeif   
Committee member Hesham Al-Khateeb Committee member Talal Ibrahim
Committee member Ayesha Saeed Committee member Firas Suleiman
AOTrauma North America Community Development Committee
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Chairperson Rahul Vaidya   
Committee member Emily Keener Committee member Thomas Large
Committee member Carla Smith Committee member Joel Williams